Sunday, October 13, 2013

Since you like it, you can have it

My friend Cathy is a dental assistant. 

Her boss insists on patient service. The assistants are supposed to do chit chat with the patient and be very friendly.

I am telling you the story, when Cathy started her job in this office.
To make herself valuable, she wanted to be pleasant with the patients. 
The good looking lady in her forties sat on the chair and flashed beautiful smile. Cathy didn't want to miss the opportunity to complement on the pearly whites. 
" Your teeth are nice. You must be taking good care to keep them so pretty".
The patient was asked Cathy, whether she liked the patient's teem. Cathy was like, " I would be happy to have tooth like yours".

Then the patient took out her upper denture and offered to her
"If you like them so much, here, you can have them".

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